The Snark

The first of three sculpture based on “The Hunting of The Snark” by Lewis Caroll published in 1876.

I have now finished “The Snark” (shown here) which is an independent work, but I also want to symbolize the hunt through two forthcoming corresponding large sculptures with integrated speakers. They will stand on the side of “The Snark” and will with the music composed (same title) by Arne Nordheim provide a deeper experience.

The book is a fantasy/nonsens poem and the  imagination and interpretation of the reader that plays an important role. Carroll was asked repeatedly to explain the story. In all cases, his answer was he did not know and could not explain. He would also not have any ilustrations of “The Snark” in the book, so that the reader would create his own images to the greatest extent. The poem has inspired many, (including artists) over the years. It is among other made theater, a variety of ilustrations and music. Our great Norwegian contemporary composer Arne Nordheim has an amazing piece for bass thrombone. In collaboration with musician Gaute Vikdal this music will be linked to the sculptures. You can hear it here.

To be continued… 🙂